Thumbing through the phone book or surfing the internet for legal help is not the best way to select an attorney.  Don’t trust your legal problem to an attorney you know nothing about. The Attorney on Retainer program at the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm is an opportunity to both secure a trusted law firm and to avoid paying outrageously high legal fees.


  • An affordable way to have our attorneys on retainer

  • Have an existing attorney-client relationship at all times
  • Immediate access to  one of our qualified staff attorneys for emergency situations

  • Get top rated attorneys without paying the top fees

  • Dramatically discounted rates for both criminal and civil matters
  • Free comprehensive 1-hour consultations on legal matters
  • Ability to get help from your law firm when needed

The Arizona Attorney on Retainers program at the Attorneys ForFreedomLaw Firm is an opportunity to have all our attorneys standing by in the event you ever need either criminal defense representation or legal help in many other areas of civil law without paying the standard rates charged by many firms. As a member of the Attorney on Retainer program, you can immediately obtain the professional legal services of our attorneys at a drastically reduced and extremely affordable rate.

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