U.S. Codes and Statutes

Code > Virginia > Title 56. Public Service Companies > VA CODE § 56-575.11. Material default;  remedies

A. In the event of a material default by the private entity, the responsible public entity may elect to assume the responsibilities and duties of the private entity of the qualifying project, and in such case, it shall succeed to all of the right, title and interest in such qualifying project, subject to any liens on revenues previously granted by the private entity to any person providing financing thereof.

B. Any responsible public entity having the power of condemnation under state law may exercise such power of condemnation to acquire the qualifying project in the event of a material default by the private entity.  Any person who has provided financing for the qualifying project, and the private entity, to the extent of its capital investment, may participate in the condemnation proceedings with the standing of a property owner.

C. The responsible public entity may terminate, with cause, the interim or comprehensive agreement and exercise any other rights and remedies that may be available to it at law or in equity.

D. The responsible public entity may make or cause to be made any appropriate claims under the maintenance, performance, or payment bonds;  or lines of credit required by subsection A 1 of § 56-575.9.

E. In the event the responsible public entity elects to take over a qualifying project pursuant to subsection A, the responsible public entity may develop or operate the qualifying project, impose user fees, impose and collect lease payments for the use thereof and comply with any service contracts as if it were the private entity.  Any revenues that are subject to a lien shall be collected for the benefit of and paid to secured parties, as their interests may appear, to the extent necessary to satisfy the private entity's obligations to secured parties, including the maintenance of reserves.  Such liens shall be correspondingly reduced and, when paid off, released.  Before any payments to, or for the benefit of, secured parties, the responsible public entity may use revenues to pay current operation and maintenance costs of the qualifying project, including compensation to the responsible public entity for its services in operating and maintaining the qualifying project.  The right to receive such payment, if any, shall be considered just compensation for the qualifying project.  The full faith and credit of the responsible public entity shall not be pledged to secure any financing of the private entity by the election to take over the qualifying project.  Assumption of operation of the qualifying project shall not obligate the responsible public entity to pay any obligation of the private entity from sources other than revenues.