U.S. Codes and Statutes

Code > Virginia > Title 56. Public Service Companies > VA CODE § 56-575.7. Dedication of public property

Any public entity may dedicate any property interest, including land, improvements, and tangible personal property, that it has for public use in a qualifying project if it finds that so doing will serve the public purpose of this chapter by minimizing the cost of a qualifying project to the public entity or reducing the delivery time of a qualifying project.  In connection with such dedication, a public entity may convey any property interest that it has, subject to the conditions imposed by general law governing such conveyances, to the private entity subject to the provisions of this chapter, for such consideration as such public entity may determine.  The aforementioned consideration may include, without limitation, the agreement of the private entity to develop or operate the qualifying project.  The property interests that the public entity may convey to the private entity in connection with a dedication under this section may include licenses, franchises, easements, or any other right or interest the public entity deems appropriate.