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Jurors award $8B in punitive damages in Risperdal case

Jurors in Philadelphia found Johnson & Johnson liable for $8 billion in punitive damages Tuesday in a case brought by a man with autism, who said the drug Risperdal had caused him to grow breasts. Nicholas Murray had taken the drug at age 9 to help him treat symptoms of autism. The suit claimed that Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals had downplayed the risks of abnormal breast growth. Johnson & Johnson said the award is grossly disproportionate to the compensatory award, and it is confident that it will be overturned. (Reuters, the New York Times, Law360)

A majority of minority partners are in nonequity tier

Minority lawyers are disproportionately placed in the nonequity tiers of the nation s largest-grossing law firms, an American Lawyer analysis has found. Minority lawyers are being placed in the nonequity tier at triple the rate of white lawyers. More than 58% of white partners were equity partners compared to nearly 46% of minority partners. (The American Lawyer)...