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The California Supreme Court has revived bankruptcy lawyer Robert White s civil rights suit against the online payment service Square. White contended that he was wrongly denied service by the company because of a user agreement that banned bankruptcy attorneys or debt collectors from using its services. The court said White didn t have to enter into an agreement with Square or ask for a waiver to have standing to sue under California s Unruh Civil Rights Act. (The Metropolitan News-Enterprise, Gizmodo,California Supreme Court)

A part-time town justice in New York has ended disciplinary proceedings against him by resigning from the job. Jonathan D. Katz of the New Paltz Town Court had been facing accusations that he signed an arrest warrant and an order of protection for the husband in a domestic matter, at the same time he was serving as lawyer for the wife in a related divorce action. (The Poughkeepsie Journal, press release, stipulation)...