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Question of the Week

Does comedy or humor work in the courtroom? Sometimes, writes Philip N. Meyer in a September 2016 ABA Journal article, but you have to be careful when and how you use it. And always know what the purpose is and who is the subject and object of the humor.

Two recent Your Voice columns give varying opinions the use of humor. Marcel Strigberger argues that humor is admissible in law practice, while John G. Browning says the use of humor in the courtroom is no laughing matter.

Browning says using humor in the courtroom is fraught with risk. And what might seem like innocuous attempts to make light of current events can backfire, especially when made in the most serious of settings where someone s very life or freedom might be at stake.

This week, we d like to ask: Do you think humor is helpful or harmful in the courtroom, and why? Have you used jokes in court? Did they benefit or hurt your case? Is there ever a good or bad time to use humor in the courtroom?...