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Home Daily News F. Lee Bailey holds forth on Mueller report


F. Lee Bailey isn t trying cases any more since he was disbarred for his handling of stock owned by a drug dealer client. But he still has a connection to law in his work as a consultant, and he still is opinionated and talkative.

Bailey, who turns 86 next week, talked with the HuffPost Highline on a wide range of subjects that included the special counsel investigation and the O.J. Simpson trial.

Bailey was a member of O.J. Simpson s defense team when the former NFL star was acquitted of the murder of his wife and her friend. Bailey still insists that Simpson was innocent, and his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, was murdered in a mistaken hit intended for another woman, a heavy cocaine user who owed money for her drugs. The murderers were hit men from Colombia who weren t very bright, Bailey said.

Nicole Brown Simpson s murdered friend, Ron Goldman, was just very unfortunate, Bailey said.

Bailey said he goaded prosecutor Christopher Darden into having Simpson try on a bloody glove at trial that had been found at the crime scene. Bailey said he told Darden that he had the balls of a stud field mouse, and Bailey would ask Simpson to try on the glove if Darden didn t do it. Darden took the bait.

The glove didn t fit, leading to defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran s argument: If it doesn t fit, you must acquit.

But Bailey said the glove wasn t the reason for the acquittal. Jurors were satisfied that Simpson could never have committed murders at 10:35 and be showered in a limousine with all the evidence hidden by 10:55, when he lived 6 miles away, Bailey said. That s what won the case. ...