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Question of the Week

Lawyers early in their career often are conflicted about their choices. In a survey of the Florida Bar s Young Lawyers Division, released earlier this year, 30% of respondents would not enroll in law school knowing what they know now, and 32% gave the paper chase a lukewarm maybe.

In another early career survey, placement firm Major, Lindsey & Africa found that associates were dissatisfied with workload demands.

Such findings are no surprise to law professors and legal recruiters. David Van Zandt, president of The New School and a 2009 ABA Journal Legal Rebel, is among educators who advocate having work experience before going to law school. For their part, firms are rethinking workplace practices, including inclusion, business attire and nontraditional benefits.

This week, we d like to ask: If you had a do-over, would you still go to law school? How would it be different this time? What aspect of your career path has proven most challenging, and how would you have prepared for it?...