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Constitutional Law

President Donald Trump s lawyer told a federal judge Tuesday that Congress has no authority to seek Trump s financial records because it wants them for a law enforcement purpose rather than for its legislative work.

Lawyer William S. Consovoy went so far as to argue that Congress couldn t investigate the president for corrupt behavior in office, USA Today reports. U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta sounded incredulous at the assertion and asked whether it was Consovoy s position that Congress did not have the authority to investigate the Watergate break-in or the failed Whitewater land deal.

The Washington Post, the New York Times and Politico also have coverage of the arguments.

Douglas Letter, general counsel for the House of Representatives, told Mehta that Congress had to investigate Trump s financial records to learn whether he is beholden to foreign interests.

Asked whether there was a point where Congress would be going too far, Letter suggested that could happen if a request was made for Trump s childhood diary or for his blood....