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Question of the Week

Three novels were named in May as finalists in the 2019 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction. Each has a lawyer guiding the action. It s quite a group of protagonists: a Sri Lankan-Canadian immigration attorney, a retired curmudgeon who lectures the neighbor kids on Goss v. Lopez, and a pioneering female practitioner in colonial India.

Many practitioners have their favorite legal characters, from Harper Lee s own Atticus Finch, to the white-shoe lawyers of Louis Auchincloss, to Erle Stanley Gardner s stolid solo Perry Mason, to the idealistic champions of John Grisham.

But knowing what lawyers know, sometimes it s hard to suspend disbelief while following a legal narrative. Could real lawyers get away with the same courtroom maneuvers? How do they always outmaneuver witnesses? Would partners really rally behind the hero, or back-stab so flagrantly? Why aren t associates doing all the work?

This week, we d like to ask: Which fictional lawyer do you think is most true to life? Choose your hero from books, stage, screen or video, and tell us which ones ring true....