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Saetrum Law Offices employs four attorneys. Our attorneys are licensed in Idaho, Oregon and Utah. Rod Saetrum comes from a background of insurance law and litigation. He is a former Claims Adjuster, Regional Claims Manager, and Claims Attorney for Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho. He has tried over eighty civil cases to successful resolution. Robert Gates served as an Assistant Attorney General handling civil litigation. Karyn Whychell, prior to joining the firm, worked for the Boise City Prosecutor's Office, the Idaho State Bar and a Superior Court Judge as a law clerk. The combined trial experience of these attorneys includes the successful handling of hundreds of cases. The great advantage of having multiple trial attorneys is that knowledge gained through these cases can assist clients in preventing litigation. The entire team at Saetrum Law Offices is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients.
Saetrum Law Offices
insurance law, contract/transactional law, and construction law. The attorneys in our firm are experienced in trial work and provide advice on all aspects of civil litigation and conflict resolution. Our attorneys are also trained in arbitration, mediation, and complex claim management.
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