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100 Years Of Proffesional Service
Translation Aces, Inc. has provided translation services since 1952 when it was first founded in New York City. We expanded our services in October 1998 with the merger of Bertrand Languages, Inc., which had been serving the area since 1937. Today, we continue to provide a broad range of translation services to the business, financial, legal, medical, advertising, scientific, governmental and other communities. Our highly skilled and experienced staff of professional translators and interpreters know the meanings, nuances, and correct and accurate renditions of specialized subjects, whether technical manuals or poetry in verse, and translate only into their native language. Additional proofreading and editing teams ensure quality control and thoroughness. At Translation Aces, we know your language!
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Translation Aces, Inc
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Abernathy MacGregor Group Albany International Corp. Baker Botts LLP Baumann & Sons Buses, Inc. Becton Dickinson & Co.
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Translation Services
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Translation Aces, Inc
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