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The Translation Company’s mission is to understand your values and goals beyond the translation of documents and content. Our core belief is that business challenges are communications challenges in disguise. In a complex, diverse global market, communicating our clients’ brand message clearly and in the manner intended is our mission. And how your company communicates with partners and clients - in any language - is key to having your core attributes appreciated and understood in your foreign markets of choice. At The Translation Company, we draw upon years of experience and expertise in order to complete each one of our client’s projects. We provide translation services in 200+ languages for all major industries, such as, but not limited to: business, legal, financial, technical, and engineering. We guarantee complete satisfaction, plus our fast, affordable, and reliable translation services keep our clients returning to us year after year. You can learn more about our company’s professionalism and quality services in our company's promo video here.
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The Translation Company Group LLC
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Chase Manhattan Bank Logic Controls Herrick, Feinstein LLP Cohen & Gresser LLP
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