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Garry Guan is a professional interpreter, translator, a certified mediator in the State of Georgia, a professional anthropologist, a professional senior consulting archaeologist, a certified Underwater Archaeologist, a certified scuba diver, a self-taught auto mechanic, Gold medallists in long jump, triple jump and pole vault of the Georgia Games, a stand-up comic, an amateur painter and computer graphic artists, the cook of the week in Rolla Daily News, Missouri, and most important of all, a dedicated Rotarian, a Father and a Husband. He hold a bachelor's degree in history and archaeology from Beijing University, one of the most prestigious institution in the country, and a master's degree in anthropology from Beijing's Central University of Nationalities, as well as a five years study in a Ph. D. program of Anthropology at University of Pittsburgh. He worked as curator and staff researcher for the Ethnic Minority Museum Preparation Committee, State Commission for Ethnic Minority affairs of PRC. After completing the course work for a Ph.D. in archaeology and anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, he served as a senior archaeologist for numerous archaeological and environmental consulting firms prior to his founding of AALS. As he absorbed American culture, he developed a vision: to help bridge the communication gap and promote unity between mainstream American and Asian cultures. He worked as a freelance Chinese/English translator and interpreter to the public and private sector, established Renaissance Consulting Services, offering consultation skills in the areas of archaeology, cultural anthropology, continuing education, public relations, mediation and business negotiation. In 1995 he acquired Asian American Publication, Inc., providing business directories and community resource guides for the burgeoning Asian American population in metropolitan Atlanta and the state of Georgia. That same year, he founded AALS, now Asian American Media Group, Inc., offering a full range of multilingual and multimedia communication services in all languages to private businesses and government agencies around the world, including translation management, interpretation, international business and cultural consulting, full product development (including concept/name/trademark evaluation and packaging), export marketing, software and Web site localization, typesetting and graphic design, foreign language LCD displays and audio/video voice-over production. With this addition, His dream of promoting understanding among cultures - both locally and globally - has become reality. The company's mission is to promote understanding among cultures by providing single-source communication services that bridge the language gap. The dynamic enterprise culminates his vision to promote understanding among cultures in both the local community and the global marketplace.
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