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Hall, Friedly & Ward is a full service law firm located in Mountain Home, Idaho, with the resources and attorneys to meet your legal needs. Perce Hall founded what is now known as Hall, Friedly & Ward in Mountain Home, Idaho, in 1937. Jay R. Friedly joined the firm in 1972, Robert W. Ward joined the firm in 1991, and Brian B. Peterson joined the firm in 2005. Perce Hall passed away in 2007, leaving a legacy of trust and excellent service, which continues today through Jay R. Friedly, Robert W. Ward, and Brian B. Peterson. Hall, Friedly & Ward has represented and continues to represent many government entities, including the City of Mountain Home, Mountain Home Highway District, Elmore Medical Center Hospital District, Western Elmore County Recreation District, several irrigation districts, and other political subdivisions in both Elmore and Owhyee Counties. Hall, Friedly & Ward also represents many individuals, military members, farmers, ranchers, and businesses in Mountain Home, Idaho, Elmore County, Idaho, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Glenns Ferry, Tipanuk, Mayfield, Pine, Featherville, Prairie, Atlanta, Owhyee County, Bruneau, Grand View, and Murphy, Idaho. Being located in Mountain Home, Idaho, near the Mountain Home Air Force Base, has provided all of the Mountain Home attorneys at Hall, Friedly & Ward years of experience handling legal matters that involve military members. Whether the case involves military member’s rights relating to the Service Member Civil Relief Act, military retirement issues, custody of military members’ children, adoptions by military members, division of property in a divorce, or the filing of a Federal Tort Claim, Hall, Friedly & Ward has experience successfully providing solutions to these legal issues.
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