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Finding solutions...together
Many of our clients seek our services simply because they find it hard to juggle all the issues that life has presented them at home, work, school or with their health. You may be visiting our site because you have come to the realization that you can't solve all the problems yourself. Simply reaching out often puts the hardest part of therapy behind you.
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Patrick J. Kennelly Ph.D. & Associates
Anxiety/Panic Disorders, Depression/Mood Disorders, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Relationship Issues, Forensic Issues
Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute
Expert and Forensic Witnesses
Expert and Forensic Witnesses
In Cities: Schaumburg
In States: Illinois
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Patrick J. Kennelly Ph.D. & Associates
1340 N Remington Road Suite N
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Office: Fax:   (847) 310-9651