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Chuck Ranson, The Wealth Management Expert Witness, has 30 years of real world experience in the financial services industry. He provides expert witness services in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and pre-litigation case evaluation related to disputes between financial services firms and investors. Having worked with some of the wealthiest investors in the country has provided him with a unique perspective on the relationship between fiduciaries and investors.
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Charles W. Ranson Consulting, Inc.
Breach of Fiduciary Duty • Investment Management Fiduciary and Suitability Standards of Care • Asset Management • Private Banking • Hedge Funds • Trusts & Estates • Alternative Investments • Failure to Supervise • Lender Liability • Trustees Fee Determination • Investment Suitability • Unauthorized Trading • Trustee Duty of Impartiality • Investment Due Diligence • Structured Investment Products
American Bar Association Securities Experts Roundtable
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Charles W. Ranson Consulting, Inc.
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