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A Real Atlanta Entertainment Lawyer in Music, Film, and Technology
As managing partner at Chandler and Chandler, I advise clients primarily in entertainment, technology, and personal injury. Clients in the entertainment industries primarily seek our help in drafting and negotiating legal agreements to facilitate important transactions in music, film, tv, and intellectual property. Entertainment clients seek our assistance in navigating label/publisher/distributor deals, communication, negotiation, and enforcement of rights, as well as music or screen ventures including production deals, publishing deals, to business formation, or employment issues. As an entertainment attorney I focus on establishing secure and yet realistic win-win agreements and opportunities for clients that leverage their skills, assets, and value with partner parties and companies with which they engage. I am also equally passionate about helping people who have been injured at the hands of another, wether it is car accident, dangerous conditions, faulty equipment, or insufficient safety precautions. Helping our fellow citizens navigate personal injury ordeals, and get the help and justice they need and deserve brings myself and my firm great satisfaction.    
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