DO NOT GIVE UP. To arrest you, the police only need " probable cause." That is very simple for them. However, the District Attorney must prove you guilty "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" which is the highest evidentiary standard in the law. Just because you have been arrested or are under investigation DOES NOT mean that you are guilty. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY! WE CAN HELP YOU. You do not deal with the criminal justice system on a daily basis. We do. What people do not know about their constitutional rights often hurts them. You would not go into a gunfight with a butter knife. If you performed surgery on yourself, you would likely bleed to death. Ask yourself why you would even consider going into court facing incarceration without the best representation that you can find. CALL US TODAY. YOU HAVE FOUND A SAFE PLACE. The initial phone consultation is free. See Ms. Barr today before it is too late.

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