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Bill Voss is a distinguished policyholder advocate based in The Woodlands, Texas. With more than 15 years of experience as a large loss policyholder attorney, Mr. Voss specializes in everything from commercial and business insurance litigation to insurance fraud litigation, commercial insurance claims, church insurance claims, industrial insurance claims, school district insurance claims, shopping mall insurance claims, and apartment insurance claims. He is the founding member and owner of The Voss Law Firm, P.C. where he was recently named one of the country’s top trial lawyers.

Motivated by the potential to be a force for positive change in the world, Voss was interested in law at a young age. As he tells it:

"I wanted to be the conduit by which the everyday person could have a voice against billion-dollar conglomerates. I knew that as a lawyer I would be able to facilitate real change on behalf of everyday working people."

As a child, Voss traveled with his family to Saudi Arabia for his father’s work. Spending so much time in a foreign place broadened his perspective and inspired him to work towards a career that would help all people to be heard. With his heart set on being an advocate for the little guy, Voss worked to get his law degree. After graduating in 2004, he founded The Voss Law Firm, P.C. where he quickly established himself as a rising star in the field of large loss insurance claim litigation. Today, he has been named a Super Lawyer by his peers and is considered to be one of the Top 10 Trial Lawyers in America.

True passion and advocacy for positive change are what set Mr. Voss apart from his colleagues. He is galvanized by challenge and thrives in the face of conflict with the multibillion-dollar conglomerates and insurance corporations he works against on a daily basis. In an effort to inform and educate his community, Voss has published several books, including titles such as Disputes With Your Insurance Companies – What All Consumers Need to Know, and Learn the Basics of Commercial Insurance and Protect Your Business.

His commitment to staying involved and present in the lives of people for whom he advocates so fiercely pays off.  He has a reputation for stellar client service and sets the industry standard for expertise in his particular niche. With such a particular specialization, focusing not only on insurance claims but specifically on policyholder advocacy on a large-loss basis, Voss understands the importance of continuing to hone his knowledge base and litigation skills.

As a leader in his field, Voss pays close attention to prevailing trends in his industry. Lately, he has been focusing on large loss insurance claims involving school districts throughout the South, along with several church claims. He recently noted:

"It still amazes me that these billion-dollar insurance companies never fail to discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you’re an eighty-year-old grandmother or a large multi-district school system, or even a megachurch leading faith worship for thousands, these insurance companies will stop at nothing to consistently deny, delay or underpay - just to save a dollar."

With more than 15 years of experience, Voss shows no signs of slowing down his firm is still growing rapidly, and he has set his sights on handling a billion dollars in large-loss claims over the next two to five years. When he’s not practicing law, Voss loves to bluewater fish and spend time with his wife and two children.


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State Bar:  State of Texas




Insurance Claim Attorney - Representing Policyholders
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Marcus Johnson - COO, Financial Services Corporation
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Top 10 Trial Lawyers in America, April 2012, Newsweek • Super Lawyer – Rising Star, March 2012, Texas Monthly • Top 100 Trial Lawyers, January 2012, National Trial Lawyers Association • Outstanding Personalized Legal Representation, November 2011, Living Magazine • Houston’s Most Successful, September 2011, Imagine Houston • America’s Top Law Firms, August 2011, Newsweek • Top 5% of All Legal Professionals, June 2011, America’s Most Honored Professionals • honored by the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, March 2011 • Houston’s Top Lawyers, Summer 2011, H Texas Magazine • Super Lawyer, 2010 • Top Attorneys in the Country, December 2010, Newsweek • Top Attorneys in Texas, August 2010, Newsweek • Houston’s Top Lawyers – Litigation, Summer 2010, H Texas Magazine • honored by The Million Dollar Advocates Forum, June 2010 • profiled in Forbes, September 2009 • Houston Legal Innovators, August 2009, Inc. 500 • Houston’s Top Lawyers for the People, February 2009, H Texas Magazine • Professionals on the Fast Track, January 2009, H Texas Magazine • Young Professionals on the Fast Track, December 2007, H Texas Magazine

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Class Actions, Consumer Law, Insurance, Personal Injury
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Class Actions
In Cities: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio
In States: Texas
Consumer Law
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In Cities: Conroe, Houston, The Woodlands
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In Cities: Conroe, Houston, The Woodlands
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Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law
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May 28, 2004
Testimonials (4)
Robin Smith , Houston, Texas on Sep 27, 2017
No law firm I know works harder to get information into the hands of the general public pertaining to legal issues of the day, or to represent their clients in court, than The Voss Law Firm. That is why you will hear many people proclaim: VOSS IS BOSS! If you need legal assistance, go to there website today. May justice prevail in your case!
Larry Schwartz , The Woodlands, TX on Sep 27, 2017
When the insurance company would not pay for the hail damage to my apartment complex, I turned to the Voss Law Firm to fight for me. It was the best decision that I could have made. Bill Voss and Scott Hunziker were in my corner every step of the way. They developed a brilliant strategy to attack an insurance company. They developed an impressive selection of expert witness with names that the jury would recognize. They fought in the courtroom, and in negotiations in the conference room. The Voss Law Firm dedicated their time and resources to fighting for me. Bill and Scott never gave up and relentlessly challenged the insurance company. The result was fantastic. Bill and Scott got me a ten times the amount that the insurance company originally offered. They made the insurance company honor its obligation and pay for my damages. I was able to restore my property and get on with my work. The Voss Law Firm put in the time, effort, and expertise that were needed to win for me. Bill and Scott were available 24/7 to discuss my case and answer my questions. Day, nights and weekends, I always had access to them. I was informed and involved every step of the way. Their dedication has earned them my greatest respect, loyalty, and deep friendship. Thank you Bill and Scott for your hard work, and winning results.
T. Hastings , Texas on Oct 17, 2017
Bill Voss and his firm are aggressive advocates that ensure their clients receive top notch representation.
B. Jones , Houston, Texas on Oct 17, 2017
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all of your help with the handling of my case. Although no one can predict the outcome of any case, as a customer it is important to know what is happening during the case so that when information is presented intelligent decisions can be made. The Voss Law Firm has kept me informed about the whole legal process and answered all of my questions in depth as they have arose. I feel comfortable sleeping at night knowing that my best interests were cared for with your law firm.  I was very happy with the outcome.
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Mr. Voss is a very compassionate person who truly cares about his clients and was the only reason we were finally treated fairly by our insurance carrier. Without Mr. Voss, we would have lost millions of dollars.
Absolute integrity and client commitment! The attorneys at The Voss Law Firm, P.C. are true professionals. Not only were they professional, but I knew that they genuinely cared about my situation and the unusual complexities of my case. Attorney Bill Voss was always prepared in Court, and was able to win the majority of the points in the case. I would recommend The Voss Law Firm, P.C. to anyone that is facing any type of legal case involving complex insurance claim issues. Mr. Voss, and his staff, gave me peace of mind and always looked out for my best interests.
What impressed me the most about the attorney was his ability to quickly and efficiently navigate his way through the legal system and get an excellent payment from my former insurance company. I would strongly recommend The Voss Law Firm to anyone having property claim disputes with their insurance provider over storm damage. The Voss Law Firm will make it right.
Bill has helped me with my legal troubles many times over the years, he is smart and fair!
Amazing experience with a very kind-hearted lawyer. I will be referring friends and family for years.
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