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How can I get Justice

Please share and do like what I did for this parent: Government complaint: Everyone should be writing the White House! This is a true case I am giving example on: Child trafficking under the color of law via child protective services a.k.a. CPS. On 05/03/14 Los Angeles DCFS Removed our child from “alleged DV incident” that happened 12/28/13 (proof: police report and court report) this was out of retaliation from 2 sheriff deputies my husband had filed complaints against (proof: complaints filed). Our child was placed in unlicensed and unverified abusive foster Home where he suffered severe abuse (proof of abuse: prior to and after my child’s placement many calls from different Neighbors to child abuse hot line and to police (proof: police reports and hotline report) proof of no license (proof: CCL community care licensing Documents that show This home had lost daycare license due to several violations prior to my child’s and another child’s placement and CCL shows no duel license so the home was never a licensed foster home). Child abuse hotline deemed home safe (proof: Child abuse hotline report) even though there were reports of knives being pulled out by imposter foster mom and drug addict Son (proof: Emergency response Social Worker report placing son and his spouse under a safety plan not to leave their children in care of imposter foster mom), also there was no electricity nor Gas on (proof: utility bills of imposter foster home). My child forced to sleep on a floor due to this home being only a 2 Bedroom duplex and imposter foster mom and husband had one room and her drug addict Son and spouse and their 2 kids had the other bedroom when imposter moms truck driver husband left both foster kids were forced to sleep in bed with imposter foster mom (proof: CCL shows daycare license denied due to drug addict Son and family living at this home). Imposter foster mom threatened to sell child’s birth certificate and social security card (proof: recordings of this as well as many months later my child’s credit report shows new furniture purchased with sons social security card. imposter foster mom also months later ordered nebulizer with my child’s medi-cal card preventing my child getting one because she obtained one long after my child was not in her care we have the medical report). Forgery to cover up placement of my child: we have Several government employees forging names and covering up this placement (lots of documents to prove this)
***Note to families there is so much more to this story as I can not reveal all but we need to send complaints here then copy and send to FBI headquarters in Philadelphia where the kids for Cash story broke Put on your envelope in big bold letters child trafficking under the color of law! We must do this to make change and make noise! This happened to me and my family

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